Full Service Web Developer

Started as a hobbyist in early 2016, proceeded with successful projects in 2017, yet became One-Man-Agency in website development. I make cool sites from 0 to 100%, using ready designs. Oleh.Cool is all about  cool looking websites made within a few days, on your own hosting or Oleh’s fast and reliable server in Germany, with your own administrator and webmaster. Support, best pricing and satisfaction guaranteed.

What I Do

First of all, I think about my client’s further success. And then – Branding, SEO, UX/UI design, folded with consistent code.


I host sites on my own secured, DDOS-protected, SSD-boosted server in Germany. First year of web-hosting is free, if you order a website. 


Your website, server, or e-mail does’nt work? – I am pretty much sure I can figure out how to fix it. I have more than year of professional experience in field of technical support, troubleshooting and problem solving.

Data backup & Migration

The best admin – lazy admin. I can migrate your website from domain to domain, from server to server (or whatever you want), automate some boring things, in just a few commands.  Or even one, if it’s possible. Nothing will be lost anyway.

UX/UI Design

If you don’t have any clue how your website should look – I am here to help. I provide full website structure planning, coloring, and everything else, until it is 100% ready.


I provide only white SEO. That means NO-search-spam. Only readable optimization, that will not make negative impact for human readability and aesthetics of a site.


Your site is ready, SEO has been done. What now? – Let’s make your business recognizable in social networks! I can offer you full cycle of designing and setting up your own business page, where you will be also able to sell and gain attention of your clients.

Site identity

Favicon, color palette, icons sets, fonts and all other things that will help you to push your company’s philosophy through users monitor? – I can do that.

Web Design

I use only the best recent web-designs available. I do not make design myself. I just implement my vision above the existing designs. Let’s leave design for the designers – I am just a humble webmaster.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing in a good manner. Only methods, recommended by  Google. No link-buying, so none of my websites gets blacklisted.

Website structure

Your users will find any piece of information that you publish. I test every site for good UX all the time.

Content Strategy

Step-by-step implementation. Development process is being divided by few parts – you pay only when I finish them.


Long-term support, availability for 24/7, close contact with customer. I do not lose my clients.

My skills

More means better

  • UI and UX design
  • Speed of production
  • Vector graphics, icons, photo editing
  • Support
  • Quality and satisfaction
  • Security and optimization
  • Pricing (can be both cheap or expensive)

Recent Work

Some of the projects are still in development. But you can see them anyway.

Let’s make contact!

If you would like to work together, or ask about pricing – just fill the contact form.

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